We're Back!

Doug and I got back from our trip to Chicago a couple days ago and it feels great to be home! Our flight home had an overnight layover in Honolulu which was a pain but we are finally here. Also, Ashley is here! She flew over the same day that we did, and due to a ton of flight craziness, she ended up also having an overnight layover in Honolulu and just stayed with us.photo

Yesterday was a very exciting (and sad) day here at Sunshower Farms. In the morning, we made good on our goal to start going to the beach more and headed out bright and early to Kahaluu beach where we body boarded and snorkeled.


I am terrible at body boarding but a pretty good snorkeler. Sadly, Mike and Ashley both got minorly injured on our first outing. Mike gashed his foot on some coral because he "got sick of swimming" and just walked over the coral. Ashley did the exact same thing and stepped on wana.


Wana (pronounced vana) is a sea urchin that puts it's stingers in you. The stingers have toxins that feel like a ton of bee stings all at once. The only relief (so I am told) comes from peeing on it or make a vinegar compress. Ashley took it like a champ though and said it didn't hurt that bad (she also didn't pee on it).

Even with the injuries, our beach trip was pretty fun! However, when we got home, we found both bunnies out of their pen. Somehow when I was holding them the day before, I did not close the cage correctly. Anyway, thankfully Peter was just hiding under our house, but Roger had gone through the house and into Bruce's pen. I don't think that Bruce bit Roger (because there were no teeth marks or blood), but somehow Roger snapped his neck and died.

Roger's grave

RIP Roger.

I am really sad about it. I can't blame Bruce because Roger did go into his pen and also Bruce is a dog. I am also sad for Peter because he doesn't have a friend anymore.


I think maybe we will get some more bunnies because 1) we want a friend for Peter and 2) mike wants to build this bunny hutch where the bunny poop can make compost for us. The idea is that the poop falls through the bottom of the pen and feeds these worms in a bin that then turns into awesome compost. It's called a vermicomposting bin.


Mike says that he will be happier about having bunnies once they aren't "useless."