Bells the Boxer

We have another Puppy! Her name is Bells and we brought her home yesterday. She is 7.5 weeks old and ridiculously

A friend of ours told us her friend had a litter and we were really interested because Doug always had boxers growing up. Plus, boxers are awesome and could go toe to toe with Bruce. However, all of the puppies had already been promised to other people. When one of the adoptions fell through, we jumped at the chance.

photo 2

In Hawaii, it can be really hard to get a certain breed of dog (even if you're fine with a mutt/mix) because Hawaii just doesn't have all of the breeds. Also, it is a HUGE pain to bring a dog into Hawaii, so you would have to be really committed to getting a certain type of dog to bother trying to adopt one out of state. Because we knew we wanted a boxer and we were not sure when another litter (from people we trust) would pop up on our island, we felt like getting her now was the right thing.


Also, Bruce is Doug's dog so now Bells is my dog. Bruce and Bells are going to be our only dogs (unless Mike decides to get a dog for his yurt). Or unless I see some dog on the side of the road that I need to take home... (just kidding!!).


Anyway, so far, Bells is doing great! She is mostly peeing outside - although there is a long road ahead with full potty training. She also is sleeping well in her bed and not crying during the night which is great. Her and Bruce are also getting along pretty well.


They wrestle and play fight a lot, but we are hopeful that once one of them can assert dominance (likely Bells), it will calm down a little. Also, they are not hurting each other or biting hard, so we aren't too worried. Mostly Bruce just seems surprised and curious about Bells.


We named Bells after Bells Brewery in Michigan. It was a long road to that name though. Some other names we considered were Karma, Kula, Benes, Panda, Duck, Gogi, Jujy, and Laila. We think Bells fits her though, and it is nicely alliterative with Bruce's name.


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