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meet the team

Kate & Doug

Aloha! We're Kate & Doug Hickey. Married couple from Chicago, proud dog parents, beer aficionados and the owners of Sunshower Farms. We started Sunshower to serve people who care about where their coffee comes from and who truly want to know their farmer.

In our previous lives, I (Kate) was a lawyer and Doug was a proprietary futures trader in Chicago. We moved to Hawaii in February of 2013 in search of something new (and warm) and fell in love with this farm. I do our marketing, website, coffee roasting and sales, events, vegetable production and animal care. Doug is in charge of the accounting and all 8 acres of our coffee production.


when we aren't busy working 


you can find


  • Golfing

  • Wearing T-shirts he got for free

  • Making spreadsheets for everything

  • Reading Reddit

  • Cheering on Chicago sports (especially the Cubs)

you can find


  • Accumulating too many houseplants
  • Reading – I especially love Harry Potter fan-fiction (I know it is embarrassing) and SCOTUS blogs 
  • Pairing cheese popcorn with red wine
  • Watching competition reality tv shows (Survivor and The Challenge are my favorites!)



you can find


  • Playing lawn games—our favorites are bocce ball or monkey in the middle with our German Shepherd, Bruce.

  • Travelling to drink great beer—we collect beer caps and pint glasses from breweries across the country



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