As of Monday 11/4/2017, Sunshower Farms is no longer the owner of a homebrew store. We sold our full inventory to Leatherman Libations LLC. DBA: Kona Wine Market.

Sterling and Schel Leatherman are the new owners and will be operating their homebrew shop in conjunction with their specialty wine and beer shop, Kona Wine Market. We are currently in a period of transition, but soon all of the inventory will be available through KWM, in store or online www.konawinemarket.com. We hope that this will be completed by the end of November.

We’re all really hopeful this change in location and availability translates to an increased convenience to you, our homebrewing community. And we’re looking forward to staying in touch and seeing (and tasting!) the results of your work.

For more information, please email Sterling and Schel at Greatservice@konawinemarket.com.