Fourth of July on the Farm

Fourth of July on the Farm

Fourth of July is such a fun holiday on the farm - we all take the day off (which is exciting in and of itself) and we grill, play a ton of lawn games, drink and light off fireworks. 


This year we started the day off right by setting up a 50 ft. slip and slide down a hilly patch of lawn. 


I looked up a few designs before we made ours, but we kinda did our own thing. First we bought a roll of 10'x25' 6mil plastic sheeting from Lowes. We spread it out in the grass and cut it in half down the middle giving us 2 5'x25' pieces.


Then, we duct taped those pieces together and added on our bumpers.


In my opinion, there is almost nothing worse than sliding off the edge of the slip and slide and not making it all the way to the bottom. So to prevent against that, we made bumpers with cheap pool noodles.


We duct taped them on the edges every so often on the way down the slide. Then once the noodles were tapped in and the plastic was attached to itself, we flipped the slip and slide so the noodles and the tape was on the bottom. 


The best part of our slip and slide was the mattress we bought from the dump store. In Hawaii (but maybe in other states too?) all of the dumps have a little charity shop where things that are put in the dump (but that are nice enough to still be used) are sold. We bought a king-size mattress for $8 to be the landing for the slip and slide. 


We attached the mattress to the slide with duct tape and then we stacked rocks under the mattress to make it curve up at the end. To maximize our speed, we used soap on the slide. I got some Honest Co. body wash from costco that is biodegradable and it worked great. 



After we did the slip and slide for awhile, we busted out all of the food we made on Thursday. We had a ton of delicious sides and we grilled burgers and hot dogs. 


We also tapped the keg - Lemongrass Luau - a great seasonal from Kona Brewing Co. 


After lunch, we played a ton of lawn games. I really didn't get pictures of much after lunch, but there was badminton, bags, and wiffle ball (team Bells was victorious!). 

See how patriotic she looks in her ribbon?

See how patriotic she looks in her ribbon?


To end the night, we ate a great dinner of ribs, corn on the cob, grilled mushrooms and salad and watched the fireworks. It was a great day and a perfect way to celebrate America's birthday!