Misc. Farm Projects

Hello from Chicago! Doug and I are here for his cousin Stefanie's wedding. We are also shipping our POD and ordering our living room furniture. A lot of exciting things!Anyway, I saved up a bunch of pictures of small projects that we have been doing lately to share with you!

First, and probably most exciting, our new porch chairs!!!!


We got two hanging/swinging egg shaped chairs as an Easter present for ourselves. They are great because they have cup holders and magazine holders built into the chairs. Also, the are in a perfect spot for drinking morning coffee and watching Bruce as he goes crazy "exploring" under the porch.

Here are some close ups!

photo-89 photo-92

We picked different colored cushions because they did not have a full set of any color at Pier One. However, I am glad that they did not have all one color in stock, because I think we all like the patterns more. They make the chairs even more inviting (if that is possible!) and the patterns will hide stains.

We also added solar lights to our front paths. I didn't take a full picture of them, but you can see them in the first picture of the chairs (above). We bought the HGTV brand from Costco and I think they work great! You have to be really careful when you are putting them in though because we broke two of the poles and had to duct tape them.

Another exciting project is that Doug bought an Ax!


He bought it to cut down a "tree" (really a large fern) that was growing too close to the house. Also, he will likely start using it to chop firewood for us. We have a huge bonfire pit in the yard as well as a cute little standing fire pit on the deck.

Here is a pic of the "tree" he chopped down with his new ax -



Another mini farm project we have going are our herbs and other small plants in the beds near the house. There were a bunch of herbs already here, and we added a bunch as well. I have all the herbs I want except for dill, chives and flat leaf parsley.

Aloe! Not really an herb haha but an herbal remedy (sorta) so it still counts in my book.



Curly Parsley




Another little project I did on Tuesday right before our flight was build a new pen for Peter and Roger Rabbit.


I had to build them a new pen because 1) they needed something more permanent and 2) Peter kept escaping! I could not figure out how he was doing it, but apparently even though they don't look very small, they are all fur and could fit through the bars! So I bought them this garden fencing from the hardware store and then drilled a bunch of holes in a piece of plywood and zip-tied it together. It was really cheap and easy and they seem to like their new pen a lot! We will probably need to expand though because they are New Zealand Rabbits - which, according to wiki can grow to be 10+ lbs! I guess that is why they are eating rabbits.photo-102


Last but not least, here are some before and after pics of the painting and flooring we did in the barn bedrooms! We just painted them white because we are not sure what colors we might want in there later. And we added a laminate flooring that is supposed to be good for moist climates. We LOVE the way these rooms turned out. Now I am just so excited to furnish them!

Before (room on the right)


After (room on the right)




Before (room on the left)

0 photo

After (room on the left)

photo-29 photo-35

Stay tuned for Doug and my first woodworking project!