Three new additions

**UPDATE** we have another Chick named Lily that was born this Easter morning! Pictures at the bottomWe have some new family members at Sunshower Farms!! And just in time for Easter.

First, let me present Eve (or maybe Adam...) our first CHICK!!!!!

chick in kate's hands

Eve was born the day before Easter. We think her biological mom is Aretha Franklin - our largest hen. We moved her to our chick house - a separate coop area just for our chicks and moms. It is important to have one so the other chickens do not eat the babies (how gross is that!?). Because Aretha did so great with Eve, I moved all of Diana Ross's chicks for Aretha to sit on too. Diana Ross is nowhere near as devoted (or warm) as Aretha Franklin.

Here is a video of Eve with her mom.

Also today, Doug and I were driving home from Lowes (for about the millionth time this week) and saw some bunnies for sale on the side of the road. Being that it is Easter, AND that we own a farm now, we figured why not? 10 minutes and $40 later, we were the proud owners of two super cute boy bunnies. The kids at the truck who sold them to us said they are New Zealand Rabbits and that they will be very tasty one day. We don't eat our pets here though, so I hope to never find that out!


We built them a little pen when we got home and gave them a bunch of kale that was a couple days past its prime.

big view of bunnies 1

The all white bunny is Peter and the white and brown bunny is Roger. They are brothers, and their last name is Rabbit. Bruce is OBSESSED with licking them through the pen and whining because he wants to play with them and we (obviously) won't let him.

bruce and bunny 1If you look close, you can see Bruce licking the cage. They definitely will not ever be playing together if Bruce already wants to taste them...



A second chick, who we named Lily, hatched this morning.


Here is a cute pic of Lily next to her sister Eve. Eve is now 2.5 days old and is much braver and more rambunctious than Lily. She is already going out of the "nest" to drink from the water and eat her chick feed.