Meet our Chickens!

One of the great things about our new house was that it came with chickens! They have a really awesome coop setup too. Our chickens have been lovingly kept over the years and are all really sweet. They love to be pet and usually do not mind being picked up - if you are into chicken cuddling (I am haha).This is our chicken set-up. On the left is the actual coop with all of the roosts and boxes for laying eggs. The rest is just a large pen for them to play and

We have 15 hens, two roosters and one chick. Of those, we have 3 distinct breeds and what seems to me to be a bunch of mix breeds.

A lot of our hens are "Polish" chickens - which is a pretty exotic breed from what I can tell. The Polish hens have a big fluff of feathers on their heads. They are also pretty thin. From left to right - Beyoncé, Margaret Thatcher and Diana Ross (she is the crazy one) 


We have one really dumb Polish hen. She is named Lindsay Lohan. She always dips her head feathers into the mud or water while she eats and drinks. You can kinda see how dirty they are and how much they hang down in the front with the weight of the

We also have some "Plymouth Rock" chickens - they are black and white speckled and pretty fat.  Pat is our big rooster. He is in the foreground on the left. Patti and Patricia are our other Plymouth Rocks and we can't tell them apart which is why they are named essentially the same thing.

photo-82 photo-74 photo-76

We have one Orpington (I think). This is Aretha Franklin. She is the big badass hen of the group. She  sits on the most eggs of anyone and is awesome at guarding them and keeping them warm. She also has hairy feet and legs but you can't see them.


There are also a few "hairy feet" (I made up that breed) chickens. I think these are a mix of a few breeds and somehow just got the hairy feet. On the left is snow - she is super ugly and her feathers are not very even. The one on the right has no name right now. We are taking suggestions.

photo-85 photo-65

We have one other random hen with no name and no clear (to me) breed. Help us name her too!


Here is our one chick and his mom. Our chick is named Roo and his mom is Kanga.


We also have a bunch of red and black chickens that I think are Rhode Island Reds. On the left is Reba (McEntire) and on the right is a small pic of Lucy (Lucille Ball) being chased by Bruce. Lucy is a GREAT flier and runs from Bruce all of the time. He loves to chase her around.


Bruce's other two favorite chickens to chase are (Chatty) Cathy and Fred. Fred is our outside Rooster (left). Cathy is not really even our Chicken which is why she doesn't live in the coop. She is a wild hen who was brooding (sitting on her eggs) in a bush outside our guest room. All of her eggs seemed unfertilized (I candled them - which means to look through the shell with a flashlight) so we stole them and ate them. Now she just runs around squawking and being annoying - hence the name Chatty Cathy. We let Bruce chase her for exercise all of the time. 


Fred is our wussy rooster. He lives outside of the coop because Pat, our huge inside rooster would kill him if he was in the coop.


Fred also gets chased every day by Bruce but he is smart and beats Bruce every time. Here he is escaping Bruce in a fig tree.


We let Bruce chase the outside chickens for two reasons - first, Bruce is a puppy and needs the exercise and really loves chasing them. Second, Bruce is a nice dog. He only wants to play chase with them, once he catches them (which he does on occasion) he just waits for them to run again. He hasn't tried to eat them yet. And if he ate Cathy, that would be pretty okay with us because she doesn't lay eggs anymore and she is super loud and annoying.

Overall, we love having chickens! They are funny and nice and produce delicious eggs for us!


Also, it is spring in Hawaii too and we should have a batch of chicks soon! We have about 30 eggs being sat on currently and in a week or so they should be hatching. Can't wait!