Juicing Wheatgrass with your Vitamix

When our first tray of wheatgrass was ready to harvest, our juicer hadn't come in the mail yet. So we decided to try to juice it with our Vitamix. Although it was foamy, it worked great!Got wheatgrass?

For anyone who wants to juice wheatgrass and doesn't want to buy (or clean!) and expensive masticating juicer, here are the steps to juice in your Vitamix.


First, harvest a few ounces of wheatgrass and add them to your Vitamix - start small and add more later if you're only making enough juice for one or two shots.


Add about a tablespoon of water and two or three ice cubes. The ice cubes really improve the flavor! Blend it for about 30 seconds on high and then pour it into a fine mesh strainer over a bowl. Humans can't digest grass, which is why you can't just just drink the juice straight out of the Vitamix.


The next step is pushing the juice through the strainer with your Vitamix "pusher." This step takes awhile and when you're done you should be left with a pulpy fibrous mixture that you can throw away or compost.

blog-22If you're making shots for a lot of people, you can pour your juice into a measuring cup or something with a spout so that you can pour it easily into shot glasses.



Then pour into shot glasses and enjoy!