Lots of things happening here! I know, I know I need to blog more - but we are getting so much done that I feel guilty that I can't blog about everything and then I blog about nothing at all. Really vicious cycle. I am going to do better though. This time I really swear I will...Anyway, here is the rundown. We have gone to two farmers' markets now and we are starting to feel like real pros! I will do a longer post about it later, but here is a pic of our first booth!

DSC_0122-1024x680 IMG_1066

We had a great Fourth of July! We hung up a flag, lit off some fireworks (legal in Hawaii woot!), barbecued and watched the Kona fireworks from the deck.

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Amira and Aly built a breadbox for us. The pantry was getting crowded with the bread and sometimes it was getting moldy from the moisture in the air. So Aly and Amira built and painted this awesome Breadbox!

IMG_1074 IMG_1073

Ashley did the stenciling. Don't you love the font?


The best part is that it fits tons of bread - which is key with 10 people living here.

DSC_0242-1 DSC_0238-1

Doug and Joey also built a SWEET sprout shelving system for the green house.


Because we have been ramping up our shoots, sprouts, microgreens and wheatgrass production, we needed to build a shelving unit that could hold all of the flats vertically.


To get the best use of space, they did a keyhole design like we did with the raised beds. This shelf holds 70ish flats.


After the success of this greenhouse, they built another keyhole sprout shelf in the other greenhouse that holds 80-100 flats. It feels great to have all of the space we could need for microgreen and sprout production!

DSC_0155-1 blog-42

I also cut down ALL of my basil plants because they were getting huge and unruly and planted some new varieties. The harvest was intense!


Doug and I dug up the herb beds, fertilized (organically) and planted a whole slew of new herbs I bought.


Here are my old herb beds - see the tiny pesto perpetuo basils behind all of those huge genovese basil plants?


Look close!


Well here they are all alone and uncrowded after we removed all of the genovese. I bet they are so happy!

IMG_1098 IMG_1099

And all of the other new herbs -

IMG_1095 IMG_1096 IMG_1097 IMG_1094

Last, but not least, we just celebrated Amira's 25th birthday! I made a delicious 5 layer chocolate cake with caramel filling inspired by a post on my friend Kim's blog. Hers was way prettier than mine, but I think mine still tasted awesome!


I had a bunch of extra cake batter, so I made a few cupcakes. I tried filling them for the first time and made six with kahlua cream cheese filling and six with cointreau cream cheese filling. They were great!

 blog-8 blog-7

It was a really fun night and the first of many birthdays at Sunshower Farms!


Happy 25th Amira!!