Sunshower Farms: Kona Coffee Farm and Event Venue

Suzie and Tyler

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I have been so excited to blog this wedding! Suzie and Tyler got married Labor Day weekend in 2018 and they had BEAUTIFUL weather, awesome food and a super fun group of friends and family who came to celebrate with them.

While Suzie got ready in the bridal dressing room, we put the finishing touches on the decor and ceremony site.

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For their decor, we did a mix of light pinks, whites and greens. It was a perfect example of how we use what is seasonal and readily available on the farm to decorate. Every year in August and September, our Indian Almond trees (I have no idea why it is called that because it does not produce anything close to almonds) flower and produce these lovely pink drapey flower bunches.

I love using them at our weddings because not only are they beautiful and free (ha!) but they are so unique! I logically know that there must be other Indian Almond trees in Hawaii, but I have never seen any other than the 3 on our farm.

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For their bar, Suzie and Tyler had a local fruit juice that they mixed with rum for a signature cocktail. They also had a kegerator with beer from Kona Brewing Co. on tap. We had a mishap with the CO2 connection and it was all hands on deck for a little while with everyone trying to get the connection right. But in the end it all worked out and they pretty much finished their two kegs!

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Their ceremony was BEAUTIFUL and personal as it was preformed by one of their good friends.

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sunshower farms wedding

They’re Married!!!

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After the ceremony, their talented photographer, Jamie, took them around the farm for portriats.

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You guys, how good looking is this couple!? Seriously, they could be wedding models!

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For their food, Suzie and Tyler opted to do a whole smoked pig with all of the fixings, North Carolina style. Chef Wesley Ervin, sourced this pig, as well as most of the vegetables and side, from local farms (ours included). He slow smoked it in a China Box on one of the side lawns.

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Because they had more guests than can be seated in our event space, Suzie and Tyler opted for a “cocktail style” reception, which means we set up the space with a mix of tables and chairs, and highboys, couches and lawn furniture. This allowed guests to mingle, relax, and eat at their own pace.

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In the end, their wedding was a perfect day that ended with a huge bonfire and a s’mores station.

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From Suzie and Tyler

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Suzie: I can’t pick one moment because everything was so perfect and so beautiful! My wedding was everything I never knew I wanted in a wedding day.

Tyler: Watching my wife walk down the isle and all of the beautiful decorations.

What was your favorite wedding detail?

Suzie: All of the beautiful decorations that were put together.

Tyler: The food was amazing. The roast pig was a highlight that looked so cool and tasted great too!

Any advice for future couples?

Suzie: Trust Kate! She knows what she is doing and don’t stress about your wedding. This should be a day of love and happiness.

Tyler: Enjoy your day. It comes and goes too fast. After the wedding you're not worried about little details, you just wish you had more time to spend with your friends and family. Don't stress. Enjoy your day.

Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Suzie: My melting donuts! haha it was a fun idea though and melted donuts are still delicious donuts.

Tyler: Thinking I wouldn't cry when I saw my wife in her dress for the first time. I was wrong. I cried. It was worth it.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Suzie: I wish that I could have more out of my musician. I felt bad that she was playing inside and we were all outside because of how nice it was. She played beautifully and she was awesome during the ceremony.

Tyler: I wouldn't change a thing. Our wedding day was perfect. Any imperfections from our wedding day are now just part of our story, and it's a very happy story.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

We extended our Hawaiian vacation and did about a week in Lahaina, Maui and a few days in Waikiki, Oahu.

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Photography: Modern Milestones Photography

Catering: Sundog Bread  

Florals: Lalamilo Flower Girl

Cake: Onolicious LLC (decoration done by me!) 

Musician: Hope Guthrie

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