How to Hold your Wedding Date at Sunshower Farms

How to place a hold on an event Date

TLDR: The first client to email me with a completed proposal questionnaire on the 1st of their wedding month*, 1 year in advance, will get a hold on the date. So to hold August 20th, 2020, be the first to email in on August 1st 2019 for that date.

Many venues do a first come first serve basis for their event holds, based on who pays their deposit first. That has never been how I want to run our venue, in large part because I want to give us enough time to do a great job on your wedding proposal and schedule at least one consultation call before you book. I also do not want any of our clients making the decision to have their wedding here under the duress of potentially losing the date and regretting it after. So, my policy has always been that once a client submits their proposal questionnaire, I put a 14-day hold on the date while we work on the proposal and have our call(s).

That part is simple enough, but in the past couple months, our venue has really grown in popularity and we have been getting many requests for the same date. While that is a good problem to have, it has required me to re-evaluate when and how I put the 14-day hold on a date. And because we do not take bookings more than a year in advance, what has started happening is that when we are about a year out from a popular month, I get tons of inquiries asking me to how to best hold a date.

We do not book any events on back to back days for a number of reasons, to allow for ample setup time, cleanup time, and staff off-time and to make sure that any weddings we book can have the option of a rehearsal the day before. So when you book a date, let's say June 4th, for your event, you are actually booking June 3-5th from our calendar. This makes date holds tricky and I have gone back and forth on what is the best way to handle the "line" for hold requests. So, what I have come up with is that from now on, we will be taking bookings a year in advance starting on the first of the month for that entire month. So, for example, all of the available August 2020 dates will come available for holds on August 1st of 2019. Holds will be placed in the order emails (with completed questionnaires) are received starting at midnight, Hawaii time, on the first of the month. Emails should be sent to me, Kate, at

If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to email me!

*Note, for July 2020 dates, the “first” of the month will be July 18th, 2019 as the first had already passed when we put in place this new policy.

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