Website Update

If you haven't noticed, I have spent the last couple of weeks updating the website. It is not 100% yet, but it is already WAY better than it was before and I am really proud of it! That is why I took a break from blogging for awhile. Any internet work time I had was spent working on this. 

Now that it is done for now, I am back to blogging! A lot has been going on here that is really exciting. 

First, I was elected to the Board of the Kona County Farm Bureau and I am so excited to be a part of it! The KCFB does a lot of great things including representing farmers at the county, state and national level, educating the public and farmers on a variety of agricultural issues, running the Keauhou Farmers' Market and just generally supporting Hawaiian agriculture. 

Bruce broke his hip last week and is getting surgery tomorrow morning. He will be okay but is in a lot of pain and has been very out of it lately from all of his medication. We are hoping for a full recovery. 

We are also spending tons of time getting ready for the Iron Man World Championships that are held annually in Kona. The Iron Man this year is Oct. 12th, but all of the festivities associated with the event start on Oct. 5th. Our farm will be partnering with Daylight Mind Coffee Company to have a booth right outside of the Iron Man Partners Village on Ali'i Dr. We will be selling wheatgrass shots, homemade freeze pops with fresh fruit and sandwiches on sprouted grain bread (sprouted at our farm!). It is going to be a TON of work, but we are really excited. 


This is the finish line on Ali'i drive right by where our stand will be. 

We haven't lived here for an Iron Man yet, but we are told that more than 100,000 people from all over the world descend on Kona - which nearly doubles the amount of people on our entire island! We are extremely excited about it but it is a ton of work! We have to plant 400 flats of wheatgrass - to put that amount in perspective, we usually plant only 25 flats a week. I will post about all our preparation for the Iron Man soon - including how to make the fresh fruit popsicles :)