Sorry for the long gaps between posts! Things have been a little crazy here lately. We have WWOOFers coming in 2 weeks (basically interns) who will be here for the summer. We also had our first guests last week - my mom's college friends Julianne and Dan came to visit!And now today my BFF and Ashley's sister McTav is arriving. She will be here for a few weeks until she has to start studying for the bar exam.


We also have been doing construction to add a brewery room for Doug, a bathroom for Ashley and the WWOOFers, and a third bedroom next to the barn.


This is actually a photo from last week. So much more has been done on it since then!

Mike built us a little greenhouse to keep our seedlings in and he and Doug are building another bigger one today on the other side of the barn.


Bruce and Bells are being cute as always and have really started to become best friends. It is so cute to watch (especially when they cuddle)!


We harvested some bananas and are waiting for them to ripen. I am so excited to make macadamia nut banana bread!


We also got a badminton set for the yard. We haven't had much time to play, but I am excited for when we finally do.


Last, but not least, I have been building a HUGE coffee table for our living room for the last 4 days. It is finally done, and in the living room, however I still have to stain it and seal it. The table is 5' x 7' and even though it is ridiculously huge, it fits nicely in our living room. We have one 9 foot couch that was just delivered, and an 8 foot couch on the way. Also we have two large chairs that will border the table. Here is the finished table in its spot in the living room.


It is so big that we had to bring it down to the house in pieces. Here is the bottom section before we attached the top. Below is the top in the trailer of the ATV to bring it down from the workshop in the barn to the house.


More posts to come soon with our planting and seeding progress and plans and how Ashley reupholstered a couch!