Introducing Ashley!

The fifth member of the Sunshower Farms family (if you count Bruce - which we obviously do!)!644426_4388503307685_556011393_n

One of the really cool things about our farm is that there are two extra bedrooms above the barn. They are really big and sunny, and both have large closets.



This is the smaller of the two rooms (but still really big (maybe like 10x14?) with a huge closet. We are currently in the process of installing hardwood floors in here.

But with just me, Doug and Bruce (our doggie), we really do not need that much space. Once Mike's yurt is built, we will be left with four extra bedrooms!

So about a month ago, my BFF Mctav and I were gchatting about how her sister Ashley is planning leaving IL to live and work somewhere new. Ashley is an artist, but Mctav said  Ashley was thinking about applying to some dude ranches out West that give their employees free room and board as part of their compensation.

Mctav (left) and Ashley (right).

And then it hit me - Ashley should come work at our farm! We have extra rooms, a lot that needs doing, and obviously a farm in Hawaii is preferable to dude ranch. So we offered her the job and she took it! Ashley will be here in the beginning of April to officially start work, but she has already been invaluable in designing our logo.


More on how we came up with it in a future post. We are so excited for Ashley to get here! She is going to use her art skills to wood burn a sign for our driveway - how exciting is that!?

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