First off, welcome to my blog – the official blog of Sunshower Farms! After years of reading other blogs and wanting to start my own, I finally have something interesting and new to blog about – moving to Hawaii and starting a coffee farm!

Doug, my wonderful fiancé, and I just bought a home and farm on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Our new home is on twenty acres in Holualoa, HI right in the heart of the Kona Coffee Belt.


I am so excited to catch you all up on how we decided to go into the coffee business, how we picked our realtor, our house, our farmer(s), the name of our business, our logo etc. Once that is all done, I hope that this blog will be about our day-to-day life on the farm, the updates we are making on our house, how we are growing the coffee and all of the steps after harvest.

Thanks for reading!