Sunshower Natural Processed 100% Kona Coffee

Sunshower Natural Processed 100% Kona Coffee

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Natural Processed (also called "dry processed") coffee is coffee that has been dried with the fruit and skins in tact. It's referred to as "natural" because of its simplicity, and because the fruit remains intact and undisturbed, a bit like drying grapes into raisins.

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Our natural process coffee is much sweeter and fruitier than our standard washed processed coffee. It has strong notes of blueberry and red wine. Natural processing is a very labor and time intensive process. It takes double the drying time of our washed process and is all hand sorted for defects. This year we only produced 250 pounds of natural, so order some before it's gone! 



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12oz - $62

1lb - $80

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Note: We roast all of our natural process to a medium roast in order to bring out its best characteristics. We can accommodate special orders for a different roast profile only with a purchase of one pound or more. Just write that request in the notes at checkout.