Event Availability Calendar

***NOTE*** All dates and times below are in Hawaiian Standard Time (HST). If you are viewing the calendar in a different time zone (especially time zones 6+ hours away from Hawaii) date availability may be off by 1 day. Please consider adjusting your browser’s settings to HST prior to viewing calendar to ensure correct date availability.

Types of "bookings” you will see below:

  • Farm booked for a private event - this is a booking with a signed contract and deposit.

  • Event bookings not available - this is a date that, for whatever reason, we cannot hold events at the farm.

  • Pending event booking - this is a date that is in our “courtesy hold” period with a booking in progress. About 25% of these pending dates do not book, so if the date you want is in this pending booking period, still email me anyway and I will put you on the waitlist for that date.

  • Dates over a year in the future - most of these are marked as available, but they are neither available nor unavailable. We do not book events or hold any dates more than a year in advance.

Ready to hold a date? Read our policy for holding your date (new July 2019)!